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TK-HISHS High Intensity Solar Heating Panels

Techno-Kontrol Solar Heating System

Not only do we at Techno Kontrol believe in providing a safe green energy but we also strive in order to become the technological leader in which everybody else looks up too.

We are always searching for less contaminating materials to use within our products so as to be able to eradicate any possible environmental damage and we are constantly trying to educate our clientele in order to move them away from the old theory that “we use and then we throw away”. We at Techno Kontrol believe that our products must be designed in order to last as long as possible and we work towards a balancing act in order to provide our clientele with the ideal mix of product effectiveness and financial efficiency so that they can maximise their return on their investment.

Our Research and Development Department has just released our first new Solar Thermal Heating System for domestic (i.e. Offices and Housing) use in which due to our patented technology we can increase the input of heat absorption by 25% in comparison to the industry standard set out in today´s market.

Our R&D department has developed a system which enables cold water to flow through at 4ºC, (within our tests the exterior temperature was also of 4ºC) and via passing through our Thermal Solar Heating system the water exited at 60ºC.

We are currently in the process of designing a system which will enable the water to exit the system at over 100 ºC which in turn will create water vapour and thus create energy i.e. the steam from the vapour will create electricity.

As heat loss within standard Thermal Heating Systems are commonly caused by convection which prevents the heat from crossing vacuums, normal heating systems within both commercial and domestic properties have been traditionally designed between two concentric tubes so as to open the vacuum and allow the heat to pass through freely.

However there is a common fault within evacuated tube collectors and other similar types of panel-collectors which is that they all have an issue with losing heat into the environment. This fault is inherent and especially found in flat plates. As per above, the heat loss is caused due to convection i.e. the heat cannot cross a vacuum, hence we at Techno Kontrol we have formed an efficient isolation mechanism so as to keep the heat inside the collector pipes.

Within our water piping system we have an evacuated tube collector surrounded by two tubes of glass with a vacuum in between that admits heat from the sun (to heat the pipe) but which limits heat loss back into the environment. Also we have covered the inner tubes and imbedded them with our specially prepared alloy mesh system along with ionizing the exterior of the glass protective covering and/or coat it with a thermal absorbent so as to increase the heat absorption.

Protection Systems against overheating within Thermal Solar heating products:

It is common that within the above systems (particularly when the hot water has not been used for some time), that the collectors can reach a very high temperature i.e. when there has been a lot of sunshine or if the pump fails to operate during a power cut etc.

As a safety measure, the majority of devices which store hot water usually have a relief valve built into their design. Almost all sealed and/or unvented solar circuits have a pressure relief system built in which in the case of excessive water pressure occurring the pressure or steam can be vented. In addition to this, heat export operates most effectively within systems that do not use basal heat exchangers so as to add heat to the water store (as cool water sinks below hot water).

It is our opinion at Techno Kontrol that even though all these safety procedures are built in, one cannot be too careful. Once our technology systems are in place we can assure our client that any type of boiler will not explode due to excessive heat. However, we do not ask our clients to just take our word for it and as always recommend them to ask their own insurance company to run their own tests on our products so as they can be independently tested and verified.

Also we are currently installing the same system into our Techno Kontrol Desalinization Plants as testing for our desalinization plants has already been completed using a similar system and thus will allow many regions or countries to find a long term access to water via our solar energy system and/or to transform salted sea water into fresh water via an ecological manner.

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