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TK-Smart Delivery Box (SDB)


Technokontrol and its R&D team have developed and patented at global level this unique technology to assist any person, company, institution, industry in having the possibility to receive at any time of day any packet, mail, purchase, delivery, shopping and even having the option in using the same system-delivery platform to allow returns due to any reason between the client, operator, distribution company, manufacturer, etc.

This new technology not only has it been designed to allow time saving and increase productivity but also in securing advanced individual and personalized secure delivery package platform which can be operated at many levels from the most basic levels of simple deliveries and using client communication via GPS, GMS, satellite communication systems to the most complex technologies including the use of drones, automated delivery vehicles, power recharging systems, anti-theft, vandalism security systems, tracking, tracking, vision and sound recording protection technologies, etc.

Main points in using the Smart Delivery Box technology

24 hour-365 days delivery timing

This enables the operator, delivery company, distribution centre to deliver anything at anytime even during night, weekends, holidays as the presence of the client, user will not be required thus allowing the delivery, distribution being done continuously at any time and at any place reducing lost time due to road congestion, traffic jams, illegal and/or difficult parking during daily hours, reduction of parking fines, etc.

Environmental Delivery Principles

Due to possible using of night, out of peak hours delivery times the use of electrical, unmanned, computerized, automated operated delivery vehicles will allow the reduction in contamination, fuel consumption and also the increase in productivity as delivery times will be reduced and even delivery programs will be easily designed into efficient delivery sectors, zones thus allowing less main deliveries as using the delivery vehicles as mini-logistical mobile storage bases.

Higher Increased Productivity and Cost Efficiency

Due to being able to work, deliver during low peak hours, days the delivery costs will be reduced due to operational savings but also these economic savings will allow the operator to compensate these savings with the investment into these new delivery technologies and platforms allowing the client to pay from nothing due to high volume or V.I.P clients for the installation of the Smart Delivery Box to a minimum-maximum delivery fee per package depending on delivery volume, rental of monthly, yearly leases delivery packages of the Smart Delivery Box depending of the clients operational volumes and or the retailers corporate interest with such client.

Security and Safety Always Being Paramount

The Smart Delivery Box has been designed not only to be used and installed in offices, apartment blocks with continues security surveillance, human presence to reduce the risk of theft, vandalism, common criminal acts, but also having been designed to be installed in any house, estate, villa, detached, semi-detached home, individual home, business, anywhere and any place.

Security Options

We have installed into the operational systems and technologies the highest of security levels and of safety designs. Each Smart Delivery Box can been individually designed depending of delivery factors, risk levels, crime levels, quantity and value of deliveries, weather conditions, non-food, food delivery services, etc

The Smart Delivery Box has incorporated a "movement detection systems" which will detect the un-authorized movement of the "SDB" due to anyone trying to move the Smart Delivery Box from its installed position thus communicating to the control centre, the client, the distributor the incident and being effective immediately thus reducing the possible risk of theft, robbery, vandalism, etc.

Automated Visual & Sound Surveillance systems
These technologies can be used via the use of mobile, cell telephone, telecommunication systems or using the home security cameras installed by the client or via a home security firm which will allow the continuous surveillance of the "SDB" thus making anyone illegally trying to damage, remove, open, move the "SDB" being recorded and used as evidence for the law enforcement authorities or for future insurance claims.

Internal SBD Security Protective Technologies
These technologies are introduced inside the "SDB" and to which are or can be activated by sensors, video surveillance, movement sensors and to which will render without value the stored, delivered packages due to the automated use of as "anti-crime technologies" as using systems as "Ballistic Paint Devices" to prevent possible criminal activities but also to identify the unauthorized or illegal persons trying to open, penetrate, damage or steal the delivered or stored assets.

High Safety Manufacturing Materials

The manufacturing levels of the Smart Delivery Box are of the highest levels and being totally manufactured, designed in the EU and following all national and European Safety Directives(HSE) with regards of its manufacturing, quality controls, insurance, guarantees, servicing and maintenance.

The used materials in the "SDB" are based on a wide range of products, textiles, materials which we always try to reach the highest levels of low environmental impact thus creating a long term, durable, climatologically protected "SDB" for long usability and low product "turnaround" this protecting the environment as all our "SDBs" will or can be totally recycled once its operational life has been finalized due to any reason.

The manufacturing materials also may include light weight, fire proof materials to assure that they can´t be burnt, damaged by fire or can be the initial "hot point" in case of an operational malfunction thus securing a low risk asset with high passive security and safety technologies included.

The "SDBs" locking-security systems can also be automated with the possible options of alpha-numeric, pin code security, biometrics, control centre operability, remote operability, internet, GPS, GMS, satellite, distribution visual and audio code sending during delivery/returns, "SDBs" opening, closing, product control, etc.

The used manufacturing materials have technical properties as being low weight, extremely strong and resistant and even using bullet proof technologies in material design to have long term material operational life spans and also being as secure as possible thus avoiding vandalism, theft, climatological weather conditions as extreme heat, humidity, continuous daily temperatures changes, rain-snow fall, sand, salt, extreme winds, debris incidents, etc.

Food, Fresh, chilled and Frozen Food Deliveries Via Retailer Delivery Shopping Platforms.

Each "SDB" can be designed from simple normal non-food delivery platforms to shopping, retail including food stuffs as fresh, chilled and freezer products.

Each "SDB" has incorporated in its design selected, designated sections which include high resistant climatological, temperature controlled sectors, casing, storage sections which are used for the storage of fresh, chilled, frozen and non-food items.

These "SDB" temperature controlled sections, casings , storage facilities, sections have their own power supply which can be supplied by the clients own home main power supply but also having designed on, into the "SDB" several green-environmental friendly power generating alternatives –power supplies as solar panels, wind turbines, chemical reaction power production which will create total self sufficient power supply as not to depend on the clients power base and thus being totally auto sufficient with the generating, charging of internal backup batteries for the supply of power for the sensors, electronics, alarms systems which are incorporated into the "SDB".

Each section in the "SBD" will have its own temperature control which will then enable the delivery of food stuffs 24 hours, 365 days of the year under any climatological conditions and thus the retailer being able to also benefit from out of hours, festive, bank holiday delivery times, increased deliveries, higher efficiency and productivity via manned delivery systems-platforms or via a robotic automated drone platform systems in the near future.

Distribution and Delivery Operator Benefits


Any delivery, distribution operator, retailer will benefit from a 24 hour client accessibility as being able to operate at any hour, day, month the whole 365 days thus increasing productivity, efficiency, cost reduction, labor costs, reduction in operational costs, benefiting from any and all environmental grants, using environmentally friendly delivery vehicles , transport systems to lower environmental impact, damage, contamination, etc.

Air/Terrestrial Secure & Convenient Remote Delivery

Product Tracking and Delivery Security

All products from the distribution, retailer, delivery operator can have installed inside of each delivered package, shopping case a tracking system which will allow full control and surveillance of the whereabouts in real time of the delivered package but also having been totally controlled even by having the packages weight recorded at exit of the main distribution centre which must be the same at the entry of the transport- delivery vehicle and again verified and validated by the weight and tracking systems in the delivery point at "SDB" site.

In the event of any change of weight of the package one can assume that the package has been tampered with and thus knowing at which stage and by whom this may have been done, increasing the security control, tracking, surveillance and with the added benefits of reduction in false claims with regards of damaged delivered products, possible client non delivered item claims, theft by employees, corporate employee responsibility in the event of unprofessional delivery methods, etc.

Smart Delivery Box Delivery/Returns Security Technologies

The "SDB" also has the possibility in having a "barcode scanner system" which in the event of the delivery of a closed package once in front and or entering into the "SDB" casing, box, storage section will automatically send to the distribution, delivery operator and client the exact moment of the storage, delivery of the package.

Automated 24/7 Delivery

In the event of shopping, small items purchasing-deliveries, multi-deliveries with more than one delivered item it is also possible to deliver and store a closed shopping package with one general package "barcode", but also being viable the possibility that a retailer may require their distribution, delivery operator to introduce item by item inside the "SDB" manually in this way delivery-distribution employee will introduce item by item and the "barcode scanner" will send the delivered signal item via GMS,SMS, GPS, satellite to all involved parties thus assuring that all items have been delivered correctly and introduced inside the Smart Delivery Box Casing—Storage Facility" and even being weighed automatically to conform the weights of the total products delivered from the distribution centre via the distribution vehicle.

In the event the employee withdrawing any item as it will go backwards, outwards of the "SDB Casing-Storage Facility" this will be automatically detected via the "barcode scanner" as it is installed in such a manner that at any angle the item will be detected and also will send the message to all parties confirming "unauthorized item with drawl" and "non-conformed secure delivery" and being confirmed the total delivery weights of the delivered package and/or items which then can be dealt with immediately to find a solution to the incident which can be simply from a visible damaged product, item or simply to an act of employee malpractice.

Delivery Surveillance –Delivery Quality Control – Employee Health & Safety

To reduce delivery incidents, accidents, possible claims it is also recommend that all delivery personnel should have on their bodies via a camera installed into a hat, cap, helmet, clothing, uniform a fully operational day and night vision camera to film all deliveries and thus secure at all stages a high level of employee quality of service and secure delivery control of delivered items and also being used for the employee own personal security and safety as these images and sounds can be retransmitted immediately to a control centre which will enable to secure any images in the event of being robbed, attacked, bitten by animals and thus also protecting and securing the wellbeing and safety of their employees at all times following and surpassing any Health & Safety Directives.

Drone-Robotics Delivery Platforms

Due to the use and implementation of new technologies and delivery platforms the use of automated un- manned delivery vehicles will become reality in a very short time. We at TK have designed the possibility to deliver items, shopping, packages of up to 25 kg via an aerial drone.

However, we believe and thus are designing the systems which will enable an automated non-manned delivery vehicle proceed to a delivery area, then via the use of terrestrial delivery vehicles permit the "door to door" delivery to an individual home, villa, estate, house and if in the event the "SDB" being inside, installed inside the buildings grounds and is only accessible by flight then this transport terrestrial robot-drone will activate and detach from its main body and from its holding bay an aerial delivery drone whom will be able to fly over a fence, wall, garden to reach automatically the "SDB" and proceed with its automated detection and opening for the landing, storage of the delivery with also the capability to even recharge its drone flight operational batteries at the "SDB" at a designated landing recharging zone inside, on, next to the "SDB".

Even though drones are becoming more and more common one has to reduce the possibility of damages, accidents, climatological, technical, operational incidents including any kind or type of incidents thus using terrestrial vehicles as being more sure, safer , low risk and easier to use during as many delivery stages as possible thus safety always being paramount and only allowing drone aerial delivery at the last or with the minimum levels of risk and reducing its flight time as much as possible.

This will also allow the drone-robotic terrestrial delivery vehicles to return to the un-manned delivery transport vehicle many times as required to complete the total delivery and thus being able to deliver over 25 kg in various trips from the un-manned delivery vehicle which will be parked extremely close to the delivery point thus requiring less batteries recharging for flight and less possible operational incidents.

Automated Drone Delivery right into Secure Box

In each un-manned transport vehicle it will hold various number of aerial and terrestrial robots-drones to be used in several joint deliveries if required in the same delivery sector, zone and also having an internal transport vehicle robotic delivery-loading system inside the transport vehicle which will allow automated or remote control loading from a control centre via satellite, GPS,GMS,-data communication systems to load, operate, delivery and even pick up returns from the "SDB".

Technokontrol Certificates & Associations

Technokontrol Manufactures, Designs & Researches our safety products in the European Union at the highest possible International Accident,Health & Safety standards.

TechnoKontrol is a member of the NFPA

TechnoKontrol Products are ATEX Compliant
(European Antiexplosive Safety Directives)

Technokontrol's Products & Services are insured by


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