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The Eagle Eye Programme

Technokontrol Aviation - The Eagle Eye Law Enforcement Programme

Throughout history protecting ones assets, nationals, borders, economy, future and fighting against those attacking these principles by terrorists, pirates, criminals has and always will be a paramount issue for any government or private enterprise anywhere in the world. Security  and safety of strategic assets aren´t something which is taken lightly and great amount of financial resources are spent, invested and allocated to protect all of us in different ways and manners depending on each countries or private enterprises issues, needs or policies.

Eagle Eye taking off

The safety of the fishing rights of a nation whom depends on fishing as their main income and employment bases are as important as any other nation whom has to protect their petrol-chemical industries or the need to protect their borders to stop criminals trafficking drugs, arms or people in other areas of the world.

The issue is to continue the fight against criminals, terrorist groups and especially illegal and continuous theft of nations natural resources from whole sale theft and destruction of fishing areas to massive bunkering and theft of oil products or any other type of criminally financially rewarding assets. Last year Nigeria estimated a loss of income due to oil theft of 3,5 billion dollars and the USA border control state that drug trafficking is worth hundreds of billions of dollars per year and can easily have more than 500,000 "employees" worldwide being one of the largest global "employers" in the world.

Due to the continuous financial global crises countries and private enterprises have to increase in protecting their assets and thus is increasing the financial burden in all countries financial budgets and resources where defence, safety, security are drastically cut or even cancelled.

National strategic installations protection are paramount for national security & safety.

The British Armed Forces will be reduced to levels seen before the WWI for example with under 80,000 personnel which for a nation fighting in several fronts makes it consider its approach to any international operation financially more politically due to the financial cost to the nation’s budget without taking into account the cancellation of many billion dollar hi-tech product programms due to lack of resources and of the UK MOD re-planning its long term role at international military level.

These points to consider and without taking account the general cost of policing using sophisticated and expensive security systems and to maintain these assets as using helicopters for policing when just the pilots training is extremely costly without taking into account the financial resources and personnel to maintain just one helicopter operational 24/7/365 days a year.

Due to these reasons and other many reasons which will be easily understood by the reader the need to complement present available technologies with low cost investment in product purchase combined with low maintenance costs are essential for the protection of our countries, private enterprise’s, civil and industrial protection safety & security needs.

Eagle Eye

Due to this Technokontrol Aviation has designed and is manufacturing "Law Enforcement Hydroplanes" which allow anyone to benefit from a low cost safety & security investment programme with the benefits of creating the bases of a national Air force, Law enforcement, Ecological Policing Units, etc as each country may require depending on its present infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of any of the so-called “modern sophisticated hi-tech technologies” as drones, satellites, etc.

Eagle Eye taking off

Which are at least ten times more expensive to purchase, manage, maintain, service & repair. The technological levels of personnel training is extremely high and even though a "drone" hasn´t a pilot inside it there is a large team of top level aeronautical engineers and aeronautical personnel flying it from its operational flying base without taking into account its physical base location for refuelling, maintenance, arming, etc.

Afghanistan AEF 2012

Extremely complex aeronautical technology, expensive, time consuming, impossible hi-tech technology transfer to many countries and extremely expensive to purchase, maintain and to repair and quickly technologically outdated.

Over the last years one has been able to read about many extremely well trained, experienced helicopter, fighter pilots, military pilots from all sectors leaving the armed forces due to their trained/experienced professional use being less and less relevant (some pilots stating that they aren´t even flying the minimum yearly required) due to the great expense of flying in top modern aircraft or due to the lack of financial resources to even train with these top global aircraft as the Eurofighter, Tornados, Lynx helicopters, etc.

In our Eagle Eye III & IV versions you can use normal 95 octane fuel, autonomy of 1,500 km and the average hourly fuel consumption depending on operational conditions of between 10-15 litres per hour is its financial forte. Aeronautical general maintenance is simple and an average engine overhaul is approx. every 2,000 hours with simple spares, repairs, maintenance being done in minutes or hours by normal mechanics or engineers instead or days of weeks with the high-tech aircraft and specialist aeronautical personnel. Night vision, thermal images, bullet proof undercarriages, anti-explosion fuel tanks, aircraft parachute systems, etc. Why don´t we remember that during the WWII a Spitfire Rolls Royce Merlin engine could be completely changed in hours and ready for battle and refuelled in minutes while now this would be impossible.


Back to basics! Simple, uncomplicated technology, quick turnarounds, simple spares, efficient maintenance/repair times, easy to learn and to teach new pilots to fly). Learn from the past to go to the future like our Eagle Eye III & IV hidroplanes.

This low cost and efficient way of protecting our nation’s borders may not be as “glamorous” as flying an “Euro-fighter” but at least you are flying and protecting your nation and its safety & security needs. The idea of being able to send hundreds of Technokontrol Eagle Eye´s every day to protect and observe our seas, rivers, coasts, towns and cities and military battle zones in the event of war at a fraction of the cost must be at least a serious contender to any "Law Enforcement Programme" and it’s logical and pragmatic financial principles stand out even on their own as the world is changing daily.

Aerial data today is more important than “tanks in a battlefield” as one has been able to watch in the Syrian, Libyan, Egyptian recent conflicts where a multi-million dollar tank can be destroyed by a simple mass produced man-held rocket propelled grenade launcher (R.P.G)as during WWII. During WWII more planes were destroyed by the S.A.S. (British Special Air Service) in Africa than all the air forces based in the region during the whole of WWII African campaign.

Image of a rocket propelled grenade launcher on the shoulder of a soldier

Aerial data and information surveillance is more important in today´s battle field than multimillion dollar heavy armament, especially in city, guerrilla warfare conflicts, terrorism, drug trafficking, etc.

Information, aerial surveillance, criminal and terrorist movements and thermal-night vision controlling with heat-thermal technology, recording systems for legal prosecutions will also allow the control of the expanding creation of illegal individual & industrial drug manufacturing greenhouses anywhere which are becoming a real issue especially in the USA and Europe as the border control is getting harder and the cost of national production out ways the import cost and risk for criminals. These drug greenhouses can be seen, detected by thermal imagery  and with long surveillance flying hours a region, sector or country can be controlled day and night especially with a low stall speed of 70kmph which is also very slow and low flying procedures.

Eagle Eye taking off

Another paramount reason to use this “Law Enforcement Aircraft Programme” not only for reduction and saving in costing but also and having a greater numbers of hydroplanes for the same investment of the most sophisticated "drone" technology is that any emerging country can use this “law Enforcement Programme” to train many young flying cadets, pilots and mechanical engineers to prepare the bases of their countries aeronautical manufacturing and technological foundation.

These future pilots and engineers will then be able to continue in their chosen field as aeronautical engineers but also can move into specialist areas and sectors as mechanical-chemical engineers, flight instructors, technical teachers or even the new commercial pilots of any emerging nations national commercial airline carrier which is the life line to the world of any country which wishes to be inside or work with the world at international and global level.

Eagle Eye taking off

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