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Eagle Eye IV
Law Enforcement 5 Seater Bimotor

Eagle Eye IV

Exact same technological aeronautical and law enforcement systems as the Eagle Eye III in a 5 seater version.

  • 5-Seater amphibious plane
  • CS-23 Certification
  • Doble stick control system
  • Propelled by 2 100 HP engines installed in the wings

Made entirely in composite materials to prevent corrosion even in the most extreme conditions of all types of weather especially with salinity conditions for long life and maintenance programms.

Possibility to interchange back seat capacity for cargo or emergency equipment or medical medi-aide package.

Ideal for VIP transport to any location as landing can be done in extreme landing conditions on sea/river/land.

Twin motor power system allows the hydroplane to always have a back up engine on top of the already great safety features mentioned in the Eagle Eye III.

Anti explosion fuel side pods available to carry extra fuel capacity.

Search & rescue emergency pods to be launched for immediate rescue services as floatable life saving equipment.

Eagle Eye IV

Exterior special paint materials can be used for radar detection reduction or any paint codes for the use of each service, law enforcement, police, navy, special operations, coast guard, ecological protection, piracy, anti-terrorism, etc.

  • Law Enforcement
  • Police
  • Rescue
  • Army
  • Coast Guard
  • Emergency
  • Navy

Technical specifications for the Eagle Eye IV

  • Wingspan The Eagle Eye IV: 12-16,4m depending on final use
  • Propelled by 2 X 100BHP (Twin motors) engines installed in the wings
  • Length: 6,50-8,25 depending on final use
  • Wing surface The Eagle Eye IV: 10-14metres depending on final use
  • Empty weight: 450-650kg depending on final use
  • Take off weight: 650-850kg depending on final use
  • Load factor +5G/-3G Performances
  • Stall: 70kph
  • Cruise speed Eagle Eye IV:190-200Kmph
  • VNE Eagle Eye IV: 200-260Kmph
  • Climb rate Eagle Eye IV:5-6m/s
  • Max. L/D Eagle Eye IV:20:01
  • Min. sink rate Eagle Eye IV:1,5m/s
  • Take off/landing run Eagle Eye IV:150m-300metres
  • Range 1200-1800km

The Eagle Eye IV is the our five passenger new hidroplane from Technokontrol to be used as an efficient aerial observation and safety control platform or for private, commercial, VIP, pleasure, travel, Search & Rescue, medi-Aide, official use, etc. It has a five seats, two in the first file for the  pilot and co-pilot, three second seating layout and storage capacity inside a large cockpit ( 1.10 m width ) and with exceptional 
visibility. The canopy includes an elastic gasket that makes the cockpit protected from rain and waves. There is a large place for baggage in the back of the seats. The engine is integrated into the fuselage and permits 80 bhp to 120 bhp each engine, having in total 240 bhp as it’s a bi-motor hidroplane. However, depending on its final use or needs to can be increased up to 260 bhp.

The Eagle Eye IV has been carefully designed to take off and land in extreme short distances which normally are from as little as 150 metres to the 300 metres. The generous V-shaped hull allows the using of the aircraft with waves up to 30 cm high, as well the high location of the wings avoids the crashing of the waves on it`s during the takeoff and the landing. The T-shaped Tail is also far enough from the ground to avoid the contact with waves. The side floats were designed for the lowest aerodynamic resistance and the highest features of floatability. The design and size of the wing makes the hidroplane have a great glide co-efficiency of 20:1 allowing thermal flights possible with the engine switched off. The flaps operate from – 5º on cruising flights to + 50º for short landings.

The Eagle Eye IV is totally manufactured with composite materials ( FV, Cb, Aramida, Epoxi, …) which are completely corrosion free. Mechanical parts and screws are made of stainless steel A4 ( AISI 316 ) and anodized aluminium. This guarantees low cost of maintenance. The range is of 1200km to 1.800 km. and uses the normal and easy to find 95 octane gasoline.

The Eagle Eye IV has many other extras and features which make this the most efficient "law enforcement" tool in any governments or corporate arsenal to reduce and control the possibility of terrorism, piracy, sabotage, border control, search & rescue, customs and excise, pollution and ecological control, medi-air services, etc.

Depending on the clients needs we can "custom manufacturer and design" each model for their exact requirements thus being each hidroplane of different final designs depending if it will be used for "Search & Rescue" services which will have launch-able "safety pods" which can be dropped onto to sinking/damaged ships/platforms for example, to the most modern and sophisticated night vision, thermal seeking cameras for policing or anti-terrorism activities which will have recording and viewing electronics inside the cockpit and external viewing pods on the exterior fuselage.


Technokontrol has also made the Eagle Eye IV as easy to use as possible reducing training to less than 60-100 hours, 20 hours for land operations/20 hours for sea operations/20 hours for river operations. Depending on the final use and the sophistication of the technology incorporated into each model of plane these training courses will be longer and more designed towards the complete use and knowledge of these technological systems.

The use of commercial petrol engines allows the final operator to have access to easy and efficient repairs and maintenance programs and these engines run on normal gasoline which make the cost and rate of return of the initial investment extremely beneficial and cost effective. Transport of the planes are done in protected sea freight containers and can be delivered anywhere in the world. Re-assembly and flight preparation of an Eagle Eye IV can be done in less than 2 hours from container to flight.

All of our Eagle Eye IV have as unique benefits as anti-explosion fuel tanks, bullet proof undercarriages, anti-slosh fuel tanks, emergency plane parachute system, night vision and thermal heat cameras just as a small example of what we can custom manufacture for each of our clients needs at a fraction of the cost of a "drone" model which are extremely sophisticated and extremely difficult to purchase as being normally of USA restricted military technology.

A paramount reason to use this system not only for cost and having greater numbers of hidroplanes for the same investment of the most sophisticated "drone" technology is that any emerging country can use this system to train many young pilots and mechanical engineers to prepare the bases of their countries manufacturing and technological foundations.

These pilots and engineers will then be able to continue in their chosen field as aeronautical engineers but also can move into specialist areas and sectors as mechanical-chemical engineers, flight instructors, technical teachers or even the new commercial pilots of any emerging nation with its on national carrier which is the life line to the world of any country which wishes to be inside the G20 in the near future.

General characteristics of the Eagle Eye IV

  • Side-by-side 5-seater Amphibian/hidroplane aircraft with double-stick control system.
  • The T-shape tail and high wing ensure that the control surfaces are far enough from the water to avoid interference from splashing.
  • Spacious cabin with great visibility makes this aircraft ideal for coast-guarding activity, aerial photography, search & rescue, policing etc.
  • The programmable Flap Control (5 points) means the ability to operate with angles from -5º (cruise) to +50º (airbrake).
  • SAFETY: High glide rate (20:1) and low stall speed (70 Km/h).
  • INDEPENDANCE: The real independence of deciding your own future and technological programs.
  • CONFIDENCE: The Eagle Eye IV you will be able to experience the real pleasures of flying as you will feel confident operating over both water and land.
  • CONVENIENCE: The aircraft can be assembled and disassembled in 45-120 minutes by 2 people and transported on a trailer thus making it possible to use it anywhere.

Construction materials

  • The Eagle Eye IV is built entirely from composite materials (carbon, kevlar, glass...) except for a few metallic components made in stainless steel AISI 316 and aluminium 6082 T6. These materials offer long-life, low maintenance and safety even when operating in salt water.


  • Made from Carbon and Kevlar, with a reinforced hull, the fuselage absorbs the impact of landing on water and offers greater safety. Carbon and Kevlar provide resistance and rigidity, indispensable for operating in water, and also guarantee a long life for the aircraft.
  • The hull of the Eagle Eye IV is divided into 3 independent compartments, with access registers, which guarantee the buoyancy of the aircraft in case of any perforation caused during impact on the water.
  • Bullet proof undercarriage.
  • Anti explosion fuel tanks.
  • Anti slosh fuel tanks.
  • Emergency aeroplane parachute system
  • External "drop pods" for search & rescue.

Water ruder

  • Operates in synchronization with the regular steering without having to be retracted as its position does not interfere with landing and take-off procedures nor decrease the aerodynamics. Its size and position give the Freedom maximum maneuverability in the water.


  • Made from Carbon and Kevlar which means they are very resistant to impact.
  • Aerodynamic design which minimizes both resistance in the air and in water while securing maximum sailing and buoyancy.
  • The distance between the floats and the water during take-off and landing is 45cm - there is no contact with the water ensuring maximum safety during these maneuvers

Engine specifications

  • The engine is integrated into the fuselage, improving the aesthetics of the aircraft and optimizing aerodynamic performance and stability.
  • Normal engine (80 bhp)
  • Special engine (100-120 bhp x 2=240bhp-bi-motor hidroplane)
  • Extreme power engines (150 bhp x 2=300bhp)
  • The reversible propeller facilitates maneuvers in and out of docking area.

Landing gear

  • An electric system operated by stainless steel actuators, which is completely separate and independent for each wheel. The mechanism has detectors that indicate the opening and closing position of the wheels on the control panel - guaranteeing complete safety during landing. Additionally the main landing gear has a locking system which guarantees that the wheels are closed during landing and take-off on water.
  • When not in use, the landing gear folds into the fuselage where it can be stored without interfering with the aerodynamics of the aircraft.
  • The design of the nose wheel allows it to be controlled by the steering pedals, which remain unlocked when the landing gear is closed and operate when the landing gear is open to steer on land.
  • Hydraulic breaking system which operates simultaneously in both wheels of the landing gear. Made from high quality stainless steel AISI 316 and anodic aluminium 6082 T6, which ensure strong resistance against salt corrosion.
  • The landing gear storage compartment is equipped with a series of tubes which allow any water collected during take-off to be dispersed quickly. 

Take-off and landing

  • The Eagle Eye IV requires 150 metres to 300 metres depending on land/water conditions
  • Take-off on water is stable from the first moments due to the generous control surfaces. The V-shaped hull allows the aircraft to operate in open waters lessening the impact on the hull.


  • The Eagle Eye IV has three fuel tanks in the fuselage with a capacity of 100 litres, giving it a total range of 1.200km- 1.800 Km.(Depending on conditions and extra fuell pods can be attached)

Technokontrol Certificates & Associations

Technokontrol Manufactures, Designs & Researches our safety products in the European Union at the highest possible International Accident,Health & Safety standards.

TechnoKontrol is a member of the NFPA

TechnoKontrol Products are ATEX Compliant
(European Antiexplosive Safety Directives)

Technokontrol's Products & Services are insured by


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