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TK-AFHDSS Anti Fire/Heat Duct Safety Systems

Techno Kontrol Duct System

Our Techno Kontrol Duct Systems are unique as they are the first to be manufactured so as to successfully pass all the relevant safety tests in order to provide a non flammable duct system.

All of our Techno Kontrol Duct Systems have a specially patented metal alloy wall model which is in place so as to provide an unmatched space-saving, impact resistance and a maintenance free design and hence they do not require a multiple trade installation.

Techno Kontrol Duct Systems have been designed so as to be ideal for exposed pressurization systems which can be found in areas such as parking garages or for outdoor applications. They are also a cost effective solution against tight ceiling spaces as well as mechanical rooms due to their slim profile and impact resistant design.

It will relieve the common issues of repairing damaged external wrap or enclosure systems where multiple trades must work together in these tight spaces. In addition, Techno Kontrol Duct Systems is moisture and blast resistant. These qualities, coupled with its excellent sound breakout properties, make Techno Kontrol Duct Systems the most durable and versatile Fire Rated Duct system currently available in today´s marketplace.

Techno Kontrol Duct System is the fire, explosion and blast system you can trust.

Techno Kontrol Duct systems are impact resistant and ideal for use in exposed areas.

Similar to all the other Techno Kontrol Wall systems, Techno Kontrol Duct System is pre-fabricated and designed to provide superior structural strength and integrity. Hence can deliver the same qualities as all of our other Wall Systems including;

  • Reducing installation and scheduling time
  • Predictable - simple and easy to install allowing for more accurate project completion dates
  • Cost competitive in many applications, both for new and retrofit projects

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TechnoKontrol: 1st in Spain for own Technology patents 2013 & 2014

TechnoKontrol has been fully verified and certified by Bureau Veritas

  • ISO 9001 - ES108784-1
  • ISO 14001 - ES108782-1
  • ISO 45001 - ES108783-1
  • ISO 4126
  • ISO 28000
  • ISO 37000

NFPA-National Fire Protection Association


NFPA-Asociación Nacional de Protección contra el fuego


TechnoKontrol is a member of the NFPA

NFPA 69: Standard on Explosion Prevention Systems, 2016 Edition

Prevent deflagration explosions due to combustible dust particles, gases or vapors with NFPA 69. Combustible dust, gases and vapors produced in industrial settings can pose a significant safety hazard.NFPA 69: Standard on Explosion Prevention Systems offers definitive guidance on explosion protection and prevention systems.

ATEX - European Antiexplosive Safety Directives

Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations - United Kingdom/ATEX

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe - UNECE - TechnoKontrol

The European Parliament and The Council

Technokontrol's Products & Services are insured by

Dossiers TK Group of Companies

TK-Global Engineering - Where efficiency and reliability become a reality

BP World Report

Static Electricity Dangers and Protection

US Department of Transport

USA Chemical Safety Board

An independent federal agency investigating chemical accidents to protect workers, the public, and the environment.

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