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TK-AXGC Anti-Explosion Gas Cylinders

TK Safety Gas Cylinders

Over the years, the Techno Kontrol team has invested heavily into R&D so as to deliver products that are both long lasting and safety orientated.  One such product offers a new design in the manufacturing of gas cylinders/bottles and operates under all the new E.U. Regulations and Guidelines.

Benefits of the above product include;

  • Techno Kontrol´s gas cylinders/bottles have been designed so as never to explode.
  • Our design allows for a reduction in the plates thickness, which in turn allows for an increased resistance (135 bars in Techno Kontrol´s product versus 100 bars found within traditional cylinders)
  • Weight; when empty Techno Kontrol´s product weighs 50 percent less than traditional cylinders/bottles and when full of gas, it weighs an incredible 25% less than that found in traditional cylinders/bottles.
  • Our crown top protects the valve in such a way that it permits our cylinders/bottles transportation in private cars (EU Regulation 99/36 and ADR)

As with all Techno Kontrol products, we can adapt our product in order for it to be used in any kind of tanker, container or even another type of cylinder without having to dismantle them.  This can be achieve via using our state of the art technology and can take place anywhere in the world, thus saving the operator from having to purchase or build new installations.

As a result of the above and as with all of Techno Kontrol's products, we can offer the operator a more financially viable method to upgrade their installation.  This can take place via our state of the art technology which enables us to apply our product within days and allows the operator to make the alterations without having to make any large financial investments, and/or without having to shut down their operation.

In addition to an operator of large plant benefiting from our product, we are (throughout 2011) going to be introducing our new technology to the normal “home consumer”.  Our research has shown us that the “Home Consumer” market for gas cylinders/bottles runs into the millions of bottles each year.  As a result, we are not only aiming to sell our product just in Europe, we aim to reach other areas such as America, Africa, South America and even Asia.

We have heard for several years now that there may be a possible reduction within the above sector due to the production of centralized Natural Gas Systems and to a certain extent this is true as we can see larger cities throughout the world moving towards these systems.  However throughout many areas of the world, these systems cannot be considered due to the fact that they may be more susceptible to natural disasters such as Earthquakes, Tsunami´s etc.

Hence we at Techno Kontrol believe that although Centralized Natural Gas Systems will always exist, there will also be a place in the world for our Gas Cylinder/Bottles.

Increased Petroleum Costs

Due to the constant increase in petroleum prices, there is a constant search for new alternative sources of energy so as to reduce the cost of transportation without compromising the consumer´s safety.

The advances in hybrid transportation are well known however to date both their financial and environmental costs are still too high.  Changing ones vehicle is one of the most important decisions taken by a family, especially in these hard financial times.  Therefore we have seen a great number of enquiries in order to change their fuel tank from Petroleum to Gas.  Especially since the initial outlay for changing the tank can be recovered due to the lower price of Gas.

To date the main problem with gas tanks is the fear of having an accident which would generally cause grave physical and human loss due to an explosion.

With the advances that Techno Kontrol have made with their new Gas Cylinders/Bottles the possibility of an explosion has been taken away and if an accident were to occur, the same amount of damage would not take place as in a normal petroleum vehicle.

Other Benefits

Within Europe the transport of gas cylinders by road freight cannot exceed a certain weight, which means that the maximum amount of gas cylinders/bottles on any given truck is approximately 800.  However as our cylinders/bottles are lighter and more dynamic, any given vehicle carrying our product will be able to transport approximately 1100 cylinders/bottles which is an increase of over 14%.

In addition to this, due to Health & Safety reasons the industry is constantly reducing the amount of weight an employee can carry.  Obviously by being able to reduce the weight of our bottles without compromising there safety/security, transporters will be able to carry/deliver more products, which in turn will translate to a higher monetary return.

It is also important to state at this point that as everybody knows both trucks and trains containing Gas Cylinders/Bottles travel through our main cities around the World every day.  Each time we see an explosion on the daily news we are reminded about how important our safety is.  Therefore how can a corporation ignore the human cost of not continuing to search for the safest technology and if not for the human cost, for the financial benefit that can be gained from incorporating a safer system within their daily practices?  We at Techno Kontrol are in talks with the major insurance companies throughout the world and we are confident that any transporter who incorporates our new technology into their systems, will receive between a 15 to 30 percent discount on their insurance premium.

Gas cylinders with TechnoKontrol protection

Techno Kontrol Gas Cylinders


Aprox equal to 18 small size cylinders (11 Kg)
Aprox. 18 cilindros/garrafas/botellas de gas de (11kg)


Aprox equal to 40 small size cylinders (11 Kg)
Aprox. 40 cilindros/garrafas/botellas de gas de (11kg)


Aprox equal to 80 small size cylinders (11 Kg)
Aprox. 80 cilindros/garrafas/botellas de gas de (11kg)


Aprox equal to 160 small size cylinders (11 Kg)
Aprox. 160 cilindros/garrafas/botellas de gas de (11kg)


Aprox equal to 280 small size cylinders (11 Kg)
Aprox. 280 cilindros/garrafas/botellas de gas de (11kg)

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NFPA 69: Standard on Explosion Prevention Systems, 2016 Edition

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