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TechnoKontrol Climate, Atmospheric, Corrosion, Electrostatic & Maintenance Explanations

Climate, Atmospheric Electrostatic Aerial Charges, Corrosion, Condensation & Maintenance Incidents

Since the use and installation of metal fuel tanks, cylinders, jumbo tanks, aircraft fuel tanks, vessels fuel tanks, tankers, pipelines, refineries, industrial plants, pumping stations there has always been and continues to be a high risk of climatic atmospheric electric discharges. In many regions of the globe the numbers of incidents varies depending on the regions climatological risk factor and the number of storms, electrical storms, electro-static atmospheric aerial electricity.

Using our Technokontrol Alloys installed these natural and climatological issues are also nullified due to that with our alloys installed in any fuel, chemical vessels, fuel tank, gas cylinder, LPG Ship Tanker, regardless of the amount of electrical discharges, electrical power, intensity, number of strikes, in any location externally or internally of such fuels storage vessel there shall be "NO" explosions due to being protected, thus saving not only the operational asset but also the possibility or a "chain reaction" due to one fuel vessel exploding and thus due to thermal heat waves, flying debris, shock waves, fire & continues explosions, BLEVE, FROATHOVER, BOILOVER, SPILLOVER saving the other sections, areas of any fuel storage facility, refinery, fuel terminals from any explosions and thus saving lives, corporate assets, stored fuels, environmental damage, increase in loss of production, loss of operational financial income, insurance policies increase and lengthily repair times with normally over billion USD repair bills.

Other natural disaster can be from tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes eruptions, all of these aren´t controlled by us humans but we can protect all of installations against these natural disasters.

In many cases our safety alloys will protect any installation from external corrosion if found underwater due to a flooding or a tsunami thus allowing the assets to physically protect themselves against any external liquids until the flooding has receded back to its normal course. Sand storms are also extremely damaging to assets due to their continuous friction over the years to which we can also assure the reduction and nullify if such sands, minerals penetrate these storage or industrial facilities.

Corrosion is another great issue with regards to many millions of petrol chemical installations around the world. Corrosion is and will continue to increase it risk factor due to that normal metals as pipelines, jumbo tanks, fuel tanks which in many occasions are located close or next to seaports suffer from "sea salt" corrosion, climatological corrosion, snow areas where salt is used for logistical access and also mainly due to these assets being in the outdoor or in underground contact with humid soils, rainfall, humidity, thermal temperature environment changes during its operational life.

Also many installation have passed their operational life as happening more and more frequently in the USA where incidents as the San Bruno Gas Explosion was due to a gas leak from an over 50 year old pipeline which should have been changed at the normal 25 year verification period and not reaching nearly 60 years operational life where no maintenance, checking, testing was carried out thus causing massive human and financial damage to the State of California.

Using Technokontrol Alloys the issue with regards of corrosion is also nullified due to its chemical and physical features stopping existing corrosion to continue its metal decaying but in the case of new metal assets, fuel tanks, fuel vessel tankers, ships, truck tankers, "NO" oxidation or corrosion will appear during the assets operational life allowing a much longer, safer, usage and not having to change, repair these assets due to this important issue even at their expected life span verification & testing standards have been passed.

Many specialists believe that LPG, propane, butane, industrial gases have no safety or hazard issues other than the possible fire, accident, explosion, terrorism act but many forget that CONDENSATION of metals causes many incidents.

Gases normally stored have the operational issue of changing temperature and in many occasions even freezing externally thus creating an “ice cover” over the fuel gas tank, storage facility, this will continue to increase during its operational life and in many cases the CONDENSATION CORROSION has begun externally due to the de-freezing/freezing of the ice and the condensated liquid dripping to the "Belly-underneath" part of the gas cylinder, fuel tanks, gas tank, storage tank and during years this corrosion will slowly penetrate from "outside to within" via the corrosion of the metal at this weak point and thus being extremely easy to explode or to ignite.

This also occurs internally where the gases also reach extreme low temperatures even due to climatic reasons as the vessels physical location and the cold gases create internal condensation which also falls at the bottom "belly-inner part" of the fuel or gas tank thus again having two different corrosion fronts, externally and internally and then increasing the speed of corrosion and reducing the operational life of the storage facility with the continuous risk of ignition , leakage, explosions, fires, gas atmospheric leaks, etc.

Finally, using Technokontrol Alloys, Safety, Security and efficiency technologies all of these issues will be nullified and will not only increase asset operational life but in many types of vessels reducing vaporization, atmospheric contamination, the risk of fire, explosions, terrorist attacks but also having the advantage of being able to repair many of these assets due to being able to use a naked flame, welding systems without the need to unload, discharge the stored fuels or chemicals due to the Technokontrol Alloys paramount and unique safety features.

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