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Black Night Viper Technologies - Safe Haven Military Mobile Operational Platform

Heavy Multi-Use Carrier Vessel for River/Sea/Land/Aerial Ops


BLACK NIGHT VIPER MILITARY TECHNOLOGIES & TECHNOKONTROL have studied extremely carefully the new concepts of modern day ,naval, river, land, aerial warfare, law enforcement including logistics, exploration, supply, refueling, rescue-safety, medical, humanitarian, multi-use rolls, in which due to the continuous financial government "cut backs" every cent invested in any technology or future technology in these fields of operations are extremely important thus having to design, manufacture, install, maintain, financially amortize by means of longer operational life these military, law enforcement, logistical, multi-use technologies, products and services.

Due to understanding that many nations and especially emerging nations not having the technological and operational knowledge, know how, experience their "learning, understanding, usage of these technologies" must be paramount in being simple, efficient, effect and rapid to be able to allow these nation obtaining extremely well built, well designed, technologies with the fundamentals of being of a "low cost, rapid financial amortization investment, low maintenance programs “for these sectors as the military, armed forces, law enforcement, multi-use technologies at only a fraction of the global military manufacturer cost in comparison.

These global international manufacturers whom not only serve complex, expensive, unique-high-tech military technologies but also require extremely high educational staff members, long term training programs which are in many cases can take more than several years of full daily top quality and sophisticated training and millions of USD in training exercises.

We mustn´t forget the manufacturers and even selling nations manufactures full control and patent licenses of the technology sold and even full control over spares and parts which in the event of not being on the "par" with the manufacturers nation can be easily "cut-off" making the maintenance and repair programs “non-operational thus losing full, independent control of one’s forces for any reason even having fully paid for these products and services or even having the manufacturer programming the "internal software systems" to be able to be "turned off" at manufacturers source or manufacturers government request thus rendering this nations forces non-operational.

Black Night Viper Technologies are able to design, create technologies and products which will enable that nation to be able to adapt to many different situations, needs, by means of multiple usage of these military technological systems which Black Night Viper Technologies & Technokontrol can offer supply, design, manufacture, train, teach and prepare technically and operationally those staff members chosen extremely quickly from their operational use but also to their maintenance, repairing, up-dating which will not "tie" that client, government or nation to one or several only other international fabricators thus this nation having its own independent military/law enforcement technologies in electronics, mechanics, aviation, maritime, logistics, safety & security and land products.

Thus enabling any client, nation, government and especially that nation in being 100% "free &non-attached” to any other nation due to political, financial or geo-political reasons thus having their own controlled "military technology-geopolitical free armed/law enforcement sectors" for their own nations strategic national or international needs which can be even for humanitarian, medical, logistical or exploration-expansion-growth sectors, especially for the natural resources exploration sectors or for its main designed purpose of an armed forces, law enforcement, drug enforcement, anti-terrorism and mobile operational platform to operate as a sea base for sea border control, national fishing protecting, environmental, search & rescue, etc.

Black Night Viper Military Technologies is at the forefront of any global military manufacturer as we have designed our main modern day warfare technology which has been called the "KING KILLER WHALE MULTI-USE VESSEL" which as you will be able to read in the following passages of this document will allow you to understand the strengths of having this military/law enforcement technology in any governments portfolio as being able to be used on costal, river, sea operations as a 10 in 1 operational "MOBILE “platform also know as a (MOB, Mobile Offshore Base) from its logistical, aerial, naval, land, supply, medical, telecommunication usages with the great advantage in being extremely easily to operate, repair, maintain and with unique safety & security technologies

The technologies used can be from the most advanced bullet proof materials, mobile radars, telecom systems, anti-emps(anti-electromagnetic systems) anti-thermal heat panels, anti-fire panels, anti-explosion fuel tanks, missile launchers, heavy armed military & law enforcement armament with a great varied operational multi-use for long term operational usage as all these sea, river, land, aerial, logistical bases are interchangeable by means of changing their "mobile interchangeable usage containers" thus any "Safe Haven Mobile/ King Shark Sea Base Platform" can have a vary of technologies, systems, usages depending its use from surveillance, attack, defense, logistical, medical, humanitarian, etc.

The Importance of Mobile Offshore Bases or Joint Mobile Offshore Bases

In the defense industry of the United States, a mobile offshore base (MOB) sometimes called a Joint Mobile Offshore Base (JMOB) — is a concept for supporting military operations where conventional land bases are not available. Such a floating offshore base has been researched and proposed, but never developed.

A MOB is a modular floating base that can be deployed to provide flight, maintenance, supply and other forward logistics support operations. MOB modules will most likely be semi-submersibles which have significantly smaller wave-induced motions compared to conventional hulls.

This modularity supports the widest possible range of air support, ranging from vertical/short takeoff and landing (VSTOL) aircraft using a single module to conventional takeoff and landing (CTOL) aircraft using several serially aligned modules approaching 2 km (6,000 feet) in length. In addition, a MOB accepts ship-borne cargo, provides nominally 280,000 m² (3 million square feet) for equipment storage and maintenance, stores 40 million liters (10 million gallons) of fuel, houses up to 3,000 troops (an Army heavy brigade), and discharges resources to the shore via a variety of landing craft. The cluster could have an air strip that could hold a large aircraft such as the C-17.

Mobile Offshore Bases

In concept, a Mobile Offshore Base (MOB) is a modular floating base that can be deployed to an area of national defense interest to provide flight, maintenance, supply and other forward logistics support operations for U.S. and Allied forces. MOB modules will most likely be semi-submersibles which have significantly smaller wave-induced motions compared to conventional hulls.

This modularity supports the widest possible range of air support, ranging from vertical/short takeoff and landing (VSTOL) aircraft using a single module to conventional takeoff and landing (CTOL) aircraft using several serially aligned modules approaching 6,000 feet in length. In addition, a MOB accepts ship-borne cargo, provides nominally 3 million square feet for equipment storage and maintenance, stores 10 million gallons of fuel, houses up to 3,000 troops (an Army heavy brigade), and discharges resources to the shore via a variety of landing craft.

The basic strategy is to deploy semi-submersible "building block" modules which could be deployed in a number of different modes of operation. Each module consists of a box-type deck supported by multiple columns on two parallel pontoons. When transiting between operational sites, the module is deballasted and travels with the pontoons on the surface much like a catamaran.

When on site, the module is ballasted down so that the pontoons are submerged below the surface wave zone, thereby minimizing the wave-induced dynamic motions. The decks, which store rolling stock and dry cargo, are all located above the wave crests. The columns provide structural support and hydrostatic stability against overturning.

Why Mobile Offshore Bases (MOB) are are at present so complex?

The solution the Black Night Viper-King Shark Multi-use Vessel with full aerial, naval, river, logistical, multi-purpose mobile military/law enforcement operability.

A MOB platform could range anywhere in length from a single, 300 meter-long, module to multiple modules serially aligned to form a runway up to 2 kilometers long. All platforms would provide personnel housing, equipment maintenance functions, vessel and lighter age cargo transfer, and logistic support for rotary wing and short take-off aircraft. The longest platform (nominally 2 kilometers in length) would also accommodate conventional take-off and landing (CTOL) aircraft, including the Boeing C-17 cargo transporter.

Upon first inspection, the notion of a 2-kilometer long floating platform seems so far beyond the state-of-practice that it would not be worthy of serious discussion. There are, however, a variety of conceptual approaches that offer promise towards accomplishing that goal, these can be the ones offered by Black Night Viper Technologies/Technokontrol which reach where others don´t have the technology or have the operational interest due to believing that hi-tech is still more effective than pure numbers.

We believe that 1,000 aerial Alien Black Night Vipers Attack Aircraft are more effective than 10 top modern military aircraft as numbers have shown in the past and especially in this new modern-era “Para-military-guerilla-terrorist war fare” to be more effective than operational and fabrication quality as was demonstrated during WWII with the 10 to 1 Russian lower quality T34 tank against the almighty, best battlefield tank, Panzer Tiger and Panzer King Tigers.

There isn’t any technology for river, coastal military mobile operational activities where one can blend, interchange full operational uses from aircraft carrier, radar, logistics, assault carrier, troop carrier, etc, at such low depths as our technology allows us to use even overboard motors or hydro jets powered engines thus enabling extremely shallow activities and operations as in river, upstream, downstream operations, lakes, internal sea operations, with full aerial, naval, terrestrial and logistical operability in any or all of these fields which an extreme low cost budget and maintenance, running, training costs, etc.

Returning back to basics, simple, effective, efficient technologies at a fraction of modern day top global technology which is outdated before even delivered to the client as has been the case in many multi-billion USD contracts at all levels and for any nation.

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) investigated whether a MOB represents credible technical capability for Naval and Marine Forces. In FY96, the Office of Naval Research (ONR) assumed leadership to conduct a Science and Technology (S&T) Program to advance critical design technologies for Mobile Offshore Bases (MOB). There are no historical precedents for designing and building floating platforms as large or as multifunctional as MOB.

This introduced a high degree of uncertainty into their design, and justified this government-sponsored S&T program focusing on the feasibility of long, interconnected, open-ocean floating platforms. This S&T program critically examined and advanced existing commercial design standards to provide the offshore classification societies and industry with the capability to confidently design and build MOB platforms consisting of interconnected modules with an acceptable level of risk.

The first task for assessing constructability was to identify a range of probable dimensions for MOB semisubmersible modules; this was accomplished in the four previously described preliminary system designs. The modules proposed in those studies range from 220m to 500m, and are all longer than the 200m length of the longest existing semisubmersible.

Equally important is the fact that the nominal 120m to 170m beam of these proposed modules is much larger than the capacities of existing shipyards. Using this information, an assessment study was conducted which concluded that U.S. industry has the capacity to competitively deliver a full (2 kilometer) MOB.

The Mobile Landing Platform (MLP)

The Mobile Landing Platform (MLP) is a type of amphibious assault ship being constructed for the United States Navy, with the first ship due to enter service in 2015. MLP ships are to serve as floating bases for amphibious operations, and operate as a transfer point between large ships and small landing craft.


Technokontrol © Copyright. All Rights Reserved. All Designs & Applied Technologies Patented



35-70 m


4,6-8,50 m


0,9-2,90 m


6.000-12,000 lts




7 X outboard Yamaha V8 F350 (Yamaha 350 BHP=2450BHP)


25 -65 KNT (Depending on final weight on vessel)


  • Anti-explosion fuel tanks (FUEL TANK CAPACITY 6,000-12,000 LITRES).
  • Anti-oxidation fuel tanks. (LONG LIFE FUEL TANKS-LOW MAINTENANCE).
  • Anti-Slosh/fuel movement inside fuel tanks to protect vessel.(GREAT STABLILITY-TANK PROTECTION)
  • Special Safety fuel filtering technology to increase speed (SAFETY FUEL FILTERS NON-EXPLOSION.)
  • Extendible “Aileron Extension Platforms (TK-Patented Technology)” to increase vessel stability in loading/un-loading/aircraft/container operational usage.
  • Extendible “Aileron Extension Platforms (Patented Technology”) to attach different types of vessels in creating floating, mobile, operational bases for any type of operations from creating “Drug Enforcement Controls”, “Medical/Medi-Vac ELZ/LZ”, “Telecommunications bases”, “Mixed usage operational landing forces/Naval-Aerial -Terrestrial Bridge heads”
  • Bullet proof level III-VII+ cabin and internal protection(HUMAN & ASSET PROTECTION PARAMOUNT)
  • Special bullet level III-VII+ Proof engine covering(PROTECTION COVERING TO REDUCE BULLET SHOTS)
  • Includes: 300 units x20 liters anti-explosion fuel safety Jerry cans color metallic blue or similar (Total mobile fuel protected in TK- Safety Jerry Cans of 6,000 liters (Allowing offshore refueling by other vessels during patrols or on active operations thus not needing to refuel at port/harbor).
  • Manual/electric TK-fuel pumping system to refuel from TK-Safety Jerry Cans to vessel for refueling offshore at sea/river.
  • Rubber anti-explosion/fire flexible fuel pipeline to refuel of 90 meters length to any refueling source.
  • Vessel color codes to be chosen by the client.
  • Unsinkable boat, by means of non inflatable and very low density tubes/fenders, furthermore of the flotation volumes.
  • Vacuum infusion HI-Tech composite for hull, cabin and deck.
  • Stem protected by Bullet/explosion proof materials.
  • Bow rubber/aluminum.
  • Pusher/fender rubber.
  • Aft protection for the engines.
  • High temperature resistant anti-skid finish on the walkways.

Extendible "Aileron Extension Platforms" to attach different types of vessels and shore docking

The King Killer Whale can carry up to 6 Eagle Eye airplanes

2 integrated cranes load/unload airplanes into position

Ailerons extend to provide balance while operating

Ailerons designed to be used as offshore docks

King Killer Whale leading surveillance and backup maneuvers

Different types of attached vessels creating a floating, mobile, operational base for any type of operations.


  • Reinforced areas for monitor’s fixation.
  • External locker in the cabin bow part.
  • 6/12 mitigation seats with belts.
  • Interior fridge.
  • Internal locker.
  • Chemical WC.
  • Aft cockpit.
  • Bilge Access.
  • Heavy Duty Protected Onboard Telescopic Crane System.
  • Multi-usage Container Technology (TK-Patented) to inter-change operational usage.

The King Killer Whale is an unique multi-use larger type patrol vessel, being able to move quicker at sea but having also greater operational range, speed and heavier fire power.


  • Reinforced areas for monitors fixation.
  • External locker in the cabin bow part.
  • 6/24 mitigation seats with belts.
  • Interior fridge.
  • Internal locker.
  • Chemical WC.
  • Aft cockpit.
  • Bilge Access
  • Heavy Duty Protected Onboard Telescopic Crane System
  • Multi-usage Container Technology (TK-Patented) to inter-change operational usage.


  • Level III-VIII+ bullet proof cabin & roof.
  • Anti-EMPS/Electromagnetic Pulse cabin Protection Technology against solar radiation (Optional). Flares or terrorist/military activities/anti-explosion.
  • Bullet proof level III-VI+ cabin windows
  • Law enforcement, Navy patrol, Armed Forces exterior emergency lights.
  • High temperature resistant windows.
  • Air-conditioned cabin.
  • Audio speakers.
  • Roof LED lights.
  • Bridge station.
  • Control panel.
  • Electrical distribution control screen.
  • Security and alarms system.
  • 6/24 high speed seats with belts.
  • WC chemical.
  • Fridges.
  • Windows (frontal with wipers).
  • Emergency cabin exit over pilots.


  • Frontal access gangway.
  • 8 bollards.
  • Rails around the cabin.
  • Rails around the cockpit.
  • Hooks over the roof of the cabin.
  • Access to the engine room.
  • Bilge ventilation grills.
  • Electronic devices and lights supports.
  • Outboard engines protection.
  • Towing point.
  • 8 hard points for lift the boat.
  • 6/16 metal mounts (cabin roof /aft) to install armament as machine guns or grenade launchers.
  • Two (2) Heavy Duty Onboard telescopic Crane System
  • Vessel unique “Crow Nest” for observation and light/heavy duty armament mounts for manual/remote control/automatic firing 360º armed/missile vessel protection.
  • Multi-use Container allocation points for incorporation into vessel hull. (TK-Patented).


  • Inverter.
  • Battery charger.
  • Air conditioning chiller.
  • Service and engines batteries.
  • Bilge pumps (6 automatic, 4 manual) Automatic fire fighting cylinder.
  • Sound transducer.
  • Natural ventilation.
  • Isolated space for the aluminum petrol tank 6,000-12,000 liters installation.
  • Natural ventilation with isolating system for emergencies.
  • Anti-explosion fuel tanks.
  • Anti-oxidation fuel tanks.
  • Anti-Slosh/fuel movement inside fuel tanks to protect vessel.
  • Anti-Algae growth fuel tanks for low maintenance & fuel filtering.
  • Special Safety fuel filtering technology to increase speed.
  • Bullet proof level III-VIII+ cabin and internal protection.
  • Special bullet level III-VIII+ Proof engine covering.
  • Anti-Electromagnetic Pulse cabin/Anti-EMPS.(Optional)
  • Automatic fire fighting cylinders.
  • Drain valve communicated with the engine room.
  • 8 wire electrical distribution
  • Batteries for services and generator.
  • Emergency batteries for VHF.
  • LED lights on the floor and cabin ceiling.
  • Navigation lights.
  • 6 remote operation search lights.
  • 8 work focus.
  • Electronic devices. Fridge 230

Table I

Dimesions of International Shore Connection

MKS units

US units

Outside diameter

178 mm

7 in.

Inside diameter

64 mm

2.5 in.

Bolt circle diameter

132 mm

5.2 in.

Slots in flange

4 holes 19 mm (0.75 in.) in diameter spaced equidistant on a bolt circle of the above diameter slotted to the flange periphery

Flange thickness

14.5 mm minimum

0.57 in. minimum

Bolts and nuts

4 each of 1|6 mm diameter, 50 mm in length

4 each of 0.63 in diameter, 1.97 in. in length

According to 4-7-3; 1.19.4 ABS, this connection shall be of material suitable for 10.5 kg/cm2 pressure.

  • 7 x outboard (Yamaha Pro Four Stroke F350 V8 DOHX 32V-350BHP)
  • Hydro-Jet power systems also available with diesel, petrol or gas fueled engines.
  • 7 x 350 bhp Yamaha= 2,450 bhp in total per vessel.

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