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TK-Strategic Security Detection-Sensor Technologies

TechnoKontrol Strategic Security & Military Detection-Sensor Technologies

Technokontrol R&D has developed our unique TK-Strategic Security & Military Acoustic Technologies which can be used for the protection of military bases, law enforcement bases, strategic national sectors and industries. Due to the never ending acts of terrorism, sabotage, vandalism, theft, civil unrest and even military or corporate espionage it’s essential that any private or government departments, ministries should be as protected as possible including for the benefit of their governmental operational institutions and national strategic assets but also for the safety & security of their employees, users and clients.

Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies

Technokontrol has designed technologies which can be used in many different sectors from the security, safety, protection, efficiency of National Strategic Industries as the petrol-chemical storage facilities, refineries pipelines, military bases, logistical national or regional infrastructures, etc.

However, we encourage that not only this technology is to be used individually and to be able to identify any immediate threat or simply the obtaining of movement information and knowing what is approaching with regards of the installations security but it’s also paramount to remember that this technology must be part of a “wider operational security program” which must include either "terrestrial, water or aerial security response teams" but also "quick response infrastructure repair teams" to solve any immediate technical issues for the safety and security  of the assets, population, security forces.

Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies

Damage on pipelines or fuel storage facilities leads to harsh environmental damage

Other paramount issues are also to "contain and control" as soon as possible any human, environmental damages which can easily occur due to for example natural disasters like earthquakes, flash floodings, but mostly also due to criminal attacks on strategic or financial assets as pipelines/fuel storage facilities, common theft by criminals, vandalism or to the more serious sabotage and terrorism attacks on any type of installation and national sector.

Our recommendation would be to "blend a mixture of Technokontrol’s Safety and Security Programs" to create an "efficient and effective security programme" where response times to damaged or attacked sectors can be dealt with in less than an hour by air and these quick response times and efficiency results can only be done with our "Eagle Eye Aerial Security Aviation Program" which will be able to fly our unique top modern technological equipped amphibious aircraft to any location on land, sea, rivers, streams, lakes and has the most modern visual recording technology reaching up to 6km during the day and with 1,5km night/thermal vision and being able to also, track, follow and record day and night images of anyone at the compromised locations.

Eagle Eye Programme

Eagle Eye Aerial Security Aviation Program

This data will allow any security or government law enforcement team to take further immediate  "defensive actions" other than taking visual recordings but also "direct dissuasive action" if required to "stop" any immediate illegal actions from the attackers against civilians, law enforcement or assets by “containing-controlling” the situation with the use of "Law Enforcement Riot-Control Armament", as tear gas, smoke , shock, light bombs/grenades launched from our "Eagle Eyes Aviation Law Enforcement Amphibious Aircraft" to stop these "attackers" until further land forces can control the situation, hence, the aviation program becoming not only a visual legal-law enforcement aerial instrument but also an immediate "Hostile Control-Containment Force" against criminals or other types of illegal activities being done around the protected zone, section, village, town, installation or protected designated area.

Our detection & sensor technologies will allow us the detect any river vessels, trucks, military or any other types of vehicles at a distance of 30 metres from the designated detection systems which can be pipelines, refineries, government offices, military bases, ports, etc. At 10 metres we can detect humans walking, running, approaching the detection sensors and to less than several metres any leakage, breakdown, pipeline failure or simply anymore drilling, hammering, touching the pipeline, jumbo tank, storage facility or exterior fencing, walls, etc.

Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies

This detection technology and live data combined with an "Eagle Eye Aerial Quick Response Team" with “aerial riot control-containment law enforcement methods” as using as stated before law enforcement instruments as tear gas, smoke, shock grenades to disburse anyone or any group in the area, zone, sector. This security system will become an efficient and a great security instrument to detect, deter, disburse and reduce all types of criminal activities, especially vandalism, theft and present and future terrorist or sabotage attacks against the government or private corporations as telecom, petro-chemical, infrastructures operators, etc.

Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies



Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies

Technokontrol R&D has developed our own unique technology system consisting of optical fiber technologies that is connected to a reading unit. The fiber cable generally will be underground. The reading unit constantly launches a high frequency light pulse through the fiber and analyses the backscattered spectrum. Any activity (such as a walking person or moving car) up to a certain distance from the fiber or even a pipe leak produces acoustic energy that is absorbed by the molecules of the fiber material. This causes a phase shift in the backscattered spectrum that is analyzed by the reading unit. The location of an event results from measuring the time that has lapsed between launching of the pulse and receipt of the backscattered light (Radar principle – the speed of light is constant). One single reading unit can detect an event with a couple of meters accuracy over distances up to 50km.

Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies


Pipeline monitoring will detect river vessels, cars, trucks, tractors, farm equipment, fuel tankers at 30 meters from the sensor detection systems.
Human movements, criminals, employees, etc. will be detected at 10 meters from sensor detection.
Leakages, breakdowns, natural breakages, accidents, drilling, hammering at pipeline level are detected in several meters of protected asset.
Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies
Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies
Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies
Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies


TK-Pipeline Safety/Security Technology does not only detect and locate an event but can even identify its nature. Acoustic energy can be generated by a wide range of events, from a leak in a pipe line to footsteps, vehicles, cutting of a cable, lifting a manhole cover or removing a cover from a cable duct. Each of these events has an unique acoustic footprint that is recognized by the reading unit. Thus the system does not only show where along the fiber an event takes place but it also identifies its nature. And thanks to the reading frequency of 200Hz it is even possible to see the direction in which the vehicle moves or the person walks.

Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies

Theft-originated pipeline explosion

The uniqueness of the TK-technology is that direct contact between fiber cable and source of the event is not required: as an example footsteps can be “heard” at 10m and vehicles at 30m distance from the fiber cable.

Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies

Contrary to what sometimes is thought, it is not the idea, nor is it necessary, that the fiber cable deforms or starts vibrating. The intended effect is caused solely by the fact that the silica molecules of the fiber material absorb the acoustic energy generated by the event as a result of which they attain a different energy state. This causes the phase shift in the backscattered light.

Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies


Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies

TK-Pipeline Safety/Security Technologies provides a timely warning for third party activities such as digging and drilling operations. It is also ideal for leak detection of existing underground pipelines: the fiber cable does not need to be close to the pipe and an existing telecom fiber cable running parallel to the pipeline can be used in most cases. As TK, such contrary to DTS, does not operate on the basis of temperature differences, it is the solution for leak detection when there is no or insufficient difference in temperature between the medium transported by the pipe and the surrounding environment.

Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies

Theft of copper wire poses a serious threat for safety. TK surveys every meter of a railway. To avoid false alarms it distinguishes between regular maintenance operations and train passages on the one hand and events such as lifting a cover section of a cable duct, cutting a cable and unauthorized access on the other hand. Should there be a existing fiber cable running in the cable duct along the track then a fiber thereof can be taken to serve a TK-system.

TK-Perimeter security
Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies

Traditional systems such as CCTV or IR often do not provide optimal protection against undesired access to large perimeter areas. TK-Technologies monitors every meter of the perimeter 24 hours per day / 365 days a year on a real-time basis. The underground fiber cable is invisible and undetectable. The system identifies a large variety of activities such as footsteps, type of vehicle, climbing or cutting a fence and on top of that indicates the direction in which the activity is developing.

TK-Eagle Eye Aerial Security Aviation Program
Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies

Using these Technokontrol specialist aerial security-surveillance technologies with an operational and cost effective “Security Aerial Program” and also with a “Eagle Eye Quick Response Repair/Maintenance Team”, will allow that any type of detection, protection, safety or security issues will be dealt with immediate effect thus recording persons via aerial video cameras from 6km distance who are attacking/approaching pipelines, refineries, military and law enforcement bases, storage facilities, telecom centres, etc.

These aerial recordings can be used for future legal prosecution as evidence. Theft, sabotage, terrorism activities even in a "Law Enforcement" evidence collection method can be used with this aerial program and even if required our TK-“Eagle Eye Aerial Security Force” can be used to enforce the law by using "law Enforcement “dissuasive armament launched by air for “crowd control-disbursement-riot control”, as using smoke bombs, shock bombs, tear gas bombs, night-light parachutes, security river-sea control sonobuoys, etc.

Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies

These Technokontrol "Eagle Eye Aerial Units” can be actively in flight recording and even if needed be to land on waterways, streams, rivers, pathways, sea, ports, roads, etc. They can be also used to assist until the land security forces reach the location and detain or control the situation if possible. Then once the situation is under control by air or by land the "Eagle Eye Quick Repair Aerial Team" will be called in to begin their damage evaluation and repair report for immediate response.

These “Eagle Eye Aerial Teams” will be able to land and evaluate the assets damages and an immediate solution by means of its immediate repairing in-situ or calling in larger terrestrial repair teams to assist to the exact location thus not wasting valuable time and also preparing a contingency plan for environmental damage control and also preparing safety measures for any near populations to take immediate effect thus as not allowing civilians to approach the affected area in case of theft activated explosions, fire and also taking into account the possible draining of leaked fuels into the local underground water table, river, lakes, etc.

Acoustic Sensor Detection Technologies

Audio wave form of a concrete lid being lifted

Thus also requesting if required additional government or private human or logistical assistance from other government departments or emergency sectors to contain any and all types of human, assets, environmental issues as soon and as efficiently as possible.


  • Distance up to 50km
  • Spatial resolution of only a couple of meters
  • Easy installation and implementation
  • Robust and maintenance-free
  • Immune for electromagnetic induction
  • Intrinsically safe, so suitable in hazardous areas
  • Already existing fiber optic cables (e.g. telecom) can often be used.

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