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TK-AXAGFT Anti Explosion Auto Gas Fuel Tanks

Auto LPG Fuel Tanks

LPG Fuel Tanks

Our new specially designed LPG fuel tank is the first fuel tank of its kind which can guarantee that it is 100% anti explosion and fire proof. Our product can help you lower your insurance costs by as much as 20% and your daily fuel costs. In addition to this using our LPG fuel tank will mean that your vehicle will be cleaner, more reliable and will extend its lifespan by as much as 30%.

About LPG

What is LPG?

LPG is produced during the normal petrol chemical distilling process of crude oil and the letters LPG stand for Liquefied Petroleum Gas, so in other words – petrol gas - which is 100% octane as in 100% octane 5* petrol 97/98 4* and 97 super unleaded. 

Any car can run on high octane fuel without modification, problems arise from cars designed to run on high octane being asked to use regular unleaded, which is 94%. LPG is stored in a liquid form because being 250 times less dense than gas it requires less space within the car.  Many manufacturers, including Renault, Citroen and Vauxhall offer LP gas cars direct from the dealership as part of the range. 

Other manufacturers such as Ford, Range Rover and Chrysler do not have an
LPG vehicle as part of the normal product range but they will allow conversions to be carried out after manufacture.

Interestingly two of the largest users of LPG are that of Japan and Italy and the United Kingdom produces over 4 million tonnes a year.

What is an LPG vehicle?

A natural gas vehicle or NGV is an alternative fuel vehicle that uses compressed natural gas (CNG) or, less commonly, liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a clean alternative to other automobile fuels. Worldwide, there were 9.6 million natural gas vehicles in 2008, led by Pakistan (2.0 million), Argentina (1.7 million), Brazil (1.6 million), Iran (1.0 million), India (650 thousand), Italy (580 thousand), China (400 thousand), and Colombia (280 thousand), with South America leading with a global market share of 39%. The US has 110,000 NGVs, mostly buses.

Techno Kontrol & LPG

As with all of our products, by installing Techno Kontrol into the LPG tank we can 100% guarantee that the tank will not explode and in the case of a fire, Techno Kontrol will reduce any damage caused.

Benefits of using LPG?

  • Lower insurance costs (a minimum of 20%)
  • Conversion costs retrieved within 3,500 kilometres
  • It´s been proven to be a much cleaner fuel than that of Unleaded Petrol or Diesel
  • It extends the lifespan of an engine by 30%
  • It enables the vehicle to run smoother and quieter
  • It is less expensive and last longer so extends the drivers cruising range
  • Offers the ability to run a vehicle on both Petrol and Gas
  • If a business vehicle, the owner will be able to recoup part of the conversion costs
  • Both the RAC and AA state that most breakdowns are fuel related, with the option of carrying a second tank, the owner can reduce the chance of a breakdown
  • Resale value enhanced due to less running costs

Who uses LPG?

As we all know the environment is becoming a major issue worldwide and as stated above, LPG is known to be a much cleaner fuel for the environment so whilst being able to save money on fuel costs, save money on running costs and save money on insurance / tax/congestion costs, you can also help save the environment.

Millions of people worldwide have been benefiting from converting their car to run on LPG and many companies are changing their fleet vehicles to LPG.  Companies such as BP; Ford, Opel/Vauxhall/GM are all currently converting their fleet vehicles to LPG  so as to capitalize on the lower running costs.

In Japan and Australia 90% of the taxis use LPG whilst in Italy where the government is offering incentives to convert to LPG there are over 200,000 conversions every year and over 2,300 outlets in which to do so.  Within the United Kingdom even the Royal Family uses LPG and with transport leaders such as UPS and Securicor using LPG, we believe that LPG is here to stay.

How much will I save?

Essentially as a rule of thumb, whatever you are spending on Petrol at present can be halved when purchasing LPG when taking into consideration a longer engine life and longer engine peak performance.

Also it is important to bear in mind that for the larger (luxury) car sector LPG is a very important selling point however should you feel that you are unable to justify a premium at resale the conversion can be fully removed and the car can be left in near original form whilst the kit can be re-used on any other vehicle.

In addition to this, studies have shown that users of LPG vehicles can gain as much as 20% discount off their car insurance and with car taxation around the world soon to be based on emissions we foresee that vehicles using LPG will qualify for cheaper road tax and congestion charges.

Safety and Insurance

LPG has an excellent safety record and is industry recognised as being safer than petrol. This is due to the construction of the LPG tank being more robust and on our system we have 3 fuel safety shut off solenoids and safety vent system which can open and close at a split second but will not be opened unless the engine is running.

LPG converted cars may affect your insurance premium and you may be able to save up to 20% through companies such as LPG Sure (found within the UK).

Comparing LPG to Petrol and Diesel?

Compared to Petrol

Compared to Diesel

75% less carbon monoxide

60% less carbon monoxide

40% less oxides of nitrogen

90% less oxides of nitrogen

87% less ozone forming potential

70% less ozone forming potential

85% less hydro carbons

85% less hydro carbons

90% less particulates

90% less particulates

10% less carbon dioxide

10% less carbon dioxide

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