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Eye of Osiris Project


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Seeding Plant R&D

Eye of Osiris


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How many times have we all wondered what would happen to our families, friends and society in general if for whatever reason there was a real food and water shortage? How could we feed ourselves? With what, how, where and for how long?


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Eye of Osiris


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Eye of Osiris Technical Designs

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These questions are asked everyday by many of the top scientists, politicians and even the security agencies of our modern day societies. It is simple to just switch off the television when we see poor African children die of hunger on the daily news, but how would we really react ourselves in fending for our families should we be unlucky enough to find ourselves in a similar situation?

Our modern day education, our social structure, our ignorance would no doubt hinder our knowledge in finding a real solution to save ourselves. What would be the alternatives, Anarchy? Riots? Looting? We have all seen what happened with Hurricane Katrina, the volcanic eruption in Iceland, the earthquake in Japan or Spain. More recently we have seen what has happened with the Riots in Europe, Middle East and protests in the United States.

These random but probable and realistic disasters which can destroy our society in days or weeks have to be anticipated and we cannot allow ourselves the luxury for others to plan for our safety and well being as these “saviours” could also find themselves in the same disastrous situation as ourselves.

This is why our corporation, which is naturally commercially driven, has also the need and the obligation to anticipate these issues from the moment that we know that they exist.

The technology exists today whereby we have the methods to prevent the above or at the very least to be able to plan ahead and develop both resources and solutions in which we can help the respective society. By having the means to the knowledge, equipment and the human resources, we have the ability to give all of us a "second chance".

Eye of Osiris™ concept art

This is why the Eye of Osiris™ has been developed, patented, hence as to create a corporate mixture of commercial principles and ecologically driven production all the time with an eye on providing the world with a future "Humanitarian Insurance Policy".

Therefore in the event of something going disastrously wrong we are in a position to assist as much and as best as we can so as to resolve this new unforeseen and unpredictable future.

How will we do it?

The long-term vision of the corporation is to diversify into all markets whilst all the time ensuring that we have a solid firm foothold on all parts of the consumer chain. We must learn to listen, share and evolve in order to become the new entrepreneurs of the future and we must be willing to accept all the good and bad things that come along with.

Our corporate responsibilities are firstly to our staff as without them we would not exist, and for this we must strive to make a difference in working relations between the employer and the employee. The employee should not only feel part of the corporation but they should become a part of it and in doing so that will ensure that all of our futures are reliant on the team succeeding and not just individual success.

Long term employee relations must be established from the outset in order to form a secure environment for the corporation and in doing so our employees will look to be a part of the corporation not only today but also tomorrow and beyond. We must strive to give access to good education, access to affordable housing and medical care which will enable us to have a greater productivity rate and be extremely competitive in the global market.

Eye of Osiris™ concept art

Our principles are to create a comfortable and understandable working environment but also an evaluated and respected environment in which everyone knows their rights but also everyone understands very clearly what their obligations are.

The EYE OF OSIRIS™ PROJECT, which will be a creation and mixture of all our hard-earned experiences and will contain twenty first century technology, know how, research and investigations which will be all integrated into creating of the largest Hydro Phonic greenhouse in the World.

The land extension required will depend on the used "version" but as a minimum requirement the project would need a minimum of 500,000 metres to two-five million square metres along with access to (or permission to build) a suitable rail freight / air cargo facility and the appropriate access in order to transport both goods and livestock.

Technokontrol Research & Development Aerospace Industries

Due to our principles being that of environmentally and energy efficient we understand that other methods of transport will be required in the future. We all accept that very soon road vehicles will be able to be fuelled efficiently by either hydrogen, gases, petrol-chemcials, “methane project produced” or bio-fuels and that the largest contaminator in today´s world are petrol-chemical plants, industrial, airlines and animals.

Eye of Osiris™ concept art

Hence, through our partner engineering corporation, “Technokontrol” has developed a new patented alloy which holds new advanced manufacturing technologies that will be able to contain and avoid any possible leaks or explosions from gases, petrol-chemical plants or any other type of fuel tank, storage facilities, refineries, pipelines, regardless of whether or not such a leak or explosion occurred by accident or was caused deliberately, with other important benefits as anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, anti-slosh(transport), anti-algae, anti-vaporization, anti-thermal. It can also be used and applied in already operational industrial plants to not only “cancel” the contamination but also to use such contaminating fumes, gases, vapors to create recycled chemicals for such vapors thus reducing contamination and also requiring less extraction of these minerals of chemicals from such production.

We are at present working alongside some of the best engineers, inventors in the world in order to apply and adapt our products to their specific needs. This work includes reducing the aircrafts weight, acoustic contamination, fuel vaporization, risk control and to ensure that there is no possibility of any fuel tank explosions taking place whether it be by accident or via a specific attacks by criminals or terrorist. We have the technical capacity and know how to protect these buildings at under-ground level with protection against natural desasters including “solar radiation/solar heat waves”, to military or terrorist “EMPS Pulse” attacks. (Electromagnetic Pulse Attacks).

Eye of Osiris™ concept art

As a result of the above collaborations, we are also in the final stages of offering the above benefits to the European Air Transport Authorities (EATA). These benefits would present a solution to the current aircraft contamination problem and as our product is less expensive and easier to adapt to both new and old aircraft alike we are confident that the EATA will adopt them into practice.

When this happens, this would ensure that all transport manufactures must comply with stringent new construction regulations and in return the end user i.e. the airlines will receive an aircraft which is more secure, lighter and more acoustically efficient thus it will be able to transport more goods, travel further whilst all the time providing less contamination to the environment.

These new advanced products will be used also to cover and to protect our future heavy airship transport concepts. At present we have been researching systems (in conjunction with our associates) whereby we have been able to adapt technologies and data provided by DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Project Agency) in order to provide the immediate viability of Air ship cargo carriers.

The possibility to create Air Ship cargo fleets by 2016-2020 to transport up to 200-1000 tons of cargo anywhere in the world is a reality.

Eye of Osiris™ concept art

The possibility to create Air Ship cargo fleets by 2016-2020 and to transport up to 200-1000 tons of cargo anywhere in the world is a reality. One will be able to transport gas and oil also by airship reducing sea cargo limitations. Even water or food will be able to be transported via Air Ship to any location around the world or after a natural disaster occurs for example, Japan or Haiti where airports were either destroyed or closed. Landing problems will also not be an issue as our landing zones can be located next to roads or emergency landing zones (ELZ) for the respective distribution network.

Fuel cost will be less than 5% of a normal jet airliner due to only using LTG and safety will not be an issue as all the Air Ships will use both safe gases and their fuel tanks will be protected via our new patented products which will avoid gas leaks and explosions.

The only real fall back to the Air Ship is that of its cruising speeds which we believe will be in the region of 250 kph which would mean that a flight from Madrid to London would take eight hours instead of the current four.

However, if you take into account all the delays at international airports these days due to the additional security needed, along with all the other additional costs such as fuel, we believe that the price differential between that of a jet airliner and an Airship is far too great to justify all the respective savings that would occur in air contamination which is currently being distributed throughout the world on a day to day basis.

This Airship venture can also be seen as the future of both public and touristic transport and although it will not be the fastest method of transport it will once again change the passion travelers have for flight, as people will be able to enjoy, view and feel what real aviation was and is all about.

Once the travelling costs of an Air Ship are reduced against that of a low cost carrier, potential clients will have the choice to make the flight a part of their holiday experience or continue to use the traditional jet airliner. But at least now by being able to employ our new technology, we can at least ensure that no matter what form of air transport the consumer makes, their carbon foot print will be significantly reduced.

The reason to base our Air Cargo business on Air Ships instead of the traditional methods is by doing so we are not in direct confrontation with any real competition due to our own natural competitors being that of road, rail, sea and air, none of them can or will be able to transport up to 200 tons, as quickly and economically as our Air Ships.

In connection to the Eye of Osiris™ Project, animal farming, manufacturing, waste economics, digester plants, biomass plants, natural gas plants and hydrogen plants will all be introduced so as to combine all the energy production into one auto-recyclable unit. This unit in the future will be able to be exported to any country in the world whether they are rich or poor.

Eye of Osiris™ concept art

The Eye of Osiris™ Project will also have its own water supply, which due to its quality, we will be able to once again produce it as natural mineral water and retail it through our already established retail chains.

The same will apply to the use of animal waste phosphates to cultivate presently low quality soil and thus maximise the use of all the possible land available to us in order to become extremely recyclable and efficient all year round, regardless of any present or future climate changes.

Natural land for breeding of animals and animal welfare will also be essential to the success of the project as we need to be able to prove that high production can be obtained in a non-animal cruelty environment. This ability will also affect greatly our productivity as we will be able to produce a higher number of animals where the final product will have both be better in quality and in price due to using recycled foods from the “Flora Sections” of the Eye of Osiris, third rate products due to the ir commercial image(not quality) or left over leaves, skins, pulp, as from the “papaya tree”, which we know can make a milk producing animal like cows, goats, to produce up to 20% more milk and with an average of 25% less animal sickness due to the great beneficial medical benefits of these anti-cancer fruits and their leaves and fruit skins which we would normal destroy but in the case becomes free feeding produce for our “animal sections” in the “Eye of Osiris”, the waste from the “animals” again is re-used to produce methane gas via gas digesters and then used to power the plant or assist the general gas power supply of the “Eye of Osiris” to maintain constant humidity, climate controls in each and every section of the project.

Eye of Osiris™ concept art

Technical Information

General Data
  • Total length: 5,000 metres.
  • Length to the Eye Section: 2,250 metres.
  • Eye Section width: 500 metres.
  • Eye section height: 36 metres.
  • Average width: 450 metres.
  • Total floors: 6. (Above ground 2, underground 4).
  • Height per floor at ground level: 1+2 12 metres (Total 24 metres).
  • Height per floor underground level: 8 metres (Total 32 metres).
  • The whole structure will be externally covered by solar panels.
  • The interior will be lightened by artificial lighting especially designed for max. growth yields.
  • Interior of building will also be covered by high intensity solar panels to create a recyclable energy producing system.
  • All roofing will be prepared to re-conduct all rain fall into sub-level water filtering deposits to be recycled and used in the project.
  • The whole structure will be built on a higher level to prevent flooding and which all exterior of the project will have mass water-collecting systems at ground level.
  • Heating and cooling systems for the hydro phonic greenhouses will be biogas gas turbines, which can be connected to solar power energy plants.

Level description

Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4
High yield hydro phonic plantations with full automatic Ted watering, feeding and pest free growing production.
Levels -1 & -2
High yield hydro phonic plantations as the above. At these levels their will be an independent connecting procedure to which in the event of a natural disaster, Levels 1 & 2 were to be destroyed or non-operational, these two levels -1 & -2 could maintain full production capacity and development.
Levels -3 & -4
These two floors only connected also to the two above would be used as a food storage depot including full water deposits, air and water filtering systems, water pumping station, energy plant based on battery section, solar power form above plants and bio-gas plant. Alternative emergency gas plant will be built to produce sufficient energy for one-year complete exterior power shut down.

Housing for one to five thousand people to maintain the project production including project staff, engineers, catering, medical staff, security, educational, bio-engineers, chemical engineers, architects, mechanics, builders, etc, to which a new exterior plant could be made operational.

We would have a large stock of all required seeds and seedlings to begin exterior production and the capacity to create our own seedling plants. Full storage of all equipment and materials to assist soil changes and irrigation systems to adapt to new possible exterior environment.

Food storage in all products would be required especially using our own production on the levels -1 & -2 would allow our survival rate to be extremely long and of good quality.

Eye of Osiris™ concept art

Educational personnel from children educational specialists to professors will be required and with full video, DVD, paper copies of all related educational and professional studies. Library banks for technical data and information regarding medical procedures to mechanical engineering will be stored.

All motor vehicles will be stored in two categories 1. Modern day high yielding machinery with all the technological advances in our normal day activities using bio-fuels and category 2. Pre-electronic operated engine in which in case of an electronic exterior fall out our full machinery capacity will be operational.

Eye of Osiris™ concept art

Medical quarters as ER, OT, and ICU will be operational including quarantine and sterilization areas for virus related illnesses. All modern day medical services will be included from laboratories, X-Ray and Scanners. Exercise gym and recuperation unit will be included.

A Security Force unit will be in house to maintain the exterior interior Levels under normal management control. The normal daily laws of any country will be used to protect and to obey full regulations. In the event of any criminal act there will be allocated security cells to prevent any further criminal acts only in the event of “Shut Down” will these emergency regulations be taken into full effect.

Eye Section Data

The “Eye Section” is where the operating of the whole plant will be managed. Inside this section, we will have the corporate Head Quarters.

Eye of Osiris™ concept art

Our clients, logistcial and management staff will be allocated into this area in which they will be working in a green environment including walking access to “English” style gardens, educational section, recreational areas, catering area, etc.

Our full computer and technology systems will be based in this section in which we have full control of all the exterior estate from entrances of deliveries to air cargo exports. Regulation of plant nutrients to a certain area or to increase storage management in the event of a delayed delivery.

All the EYE OF OSIRIS PROJECT will not have external computer links to the exterior. All information technology will be created and not connected to any external or internal mainframe system. This will prevent any “hackers or cybercrime”,criminal activities to have access to the operational or internal system. External links will exist but with complete independent resources and only on a commercial and information level.

Research & Development Educational Programme

The EYE OF OSIRIS™ will have a further development stage in which in a second phase a second new project will be developed. This new second phase will be named the THE VISION OF THE EYE OF OSIRIS.

Eye of Osiris™ concept art

This new phase will be designed with a Research and Development principle program. The physical development will be a smaller "daughter" version of the mother Eye of Osiris™.

This new project will include all required bio-labs and high technology facilities to study, create and develop all kinds of benefits or alternatives from the study of new bio-fuels to the creation on non-contaminating insect/pest control, higher yield studies and R&D, etc

These studies will be shared with other similar foundations and we will create a one-year university course with top

European-World Universities to share our knowledge and to prepare the next generation of professionals.

We will also have research and development areas from world flora and fauna species to the creation of animal studies to reduce illness for animals living in different areas of the world and to increase yields due to increasing our knowledge in animal welfare and animal psychology.

The Education Programme of the present and future generations is paramount for our success and to make people aware of all positive and negative sides of the food production chain and especially in the commercial environment.

Eye of Osiris™ concept art

We will create educational facilities in which the general public, schools and colleges can visit us from a simple one-day visit to a week spring or summer break for higher educational of university training programs.

To make these longer stays more interesting for these groups an adventure park will be created in which the mixture of natural resources and recreational assets will make their stay worthwhile returning. They will be able to fish, rock climb, river rafting, jungle adventure, hunting, survival courses and enjoy anything like horse trekking to building a home using "old technology" methods and fundamentals.

These visitors will be staying in hamlets of houses in which they will be able to understand how it would be like to live in a home without electricity for example or to wake up in the morning and have to bake ones breakfast with homemade bread for example.

Depending on the ages of the visitors the intensity of the stay will be regulated. No one has to feel uncomfortable due to the lack of a resource like electricity. We will teach them and make them understand how electricity can be produced in a simple way with technology as from a solar panel to producing from a water mill for example.

The “Food Educational Program” also will be an integral part of their visit to gain knowledge and to be able to understand the simple bases of food planting, animal production to the manufacturing of foods, which they see daily in the supermarket.

The principle of this program is that everyone walks away having learnt something new and can see and understand the principles of our Vision in the Eye of Osiris™ and its future.

The vision of the Eye of Osiris

Vision Valley™ with the Eye of Osiris™will be a major player in the future development of the Eye of Osiris.

Eye of Osiris™ concept art

We do not have a single goal of just being the best in our fields of business but we also strive in being at the forefront of "Technological, Innovative and Investigative Frontier" of all projects relating to our main and future markets, products, services, inventions and innovations.

Due to this, we have designed inside the estate of The Eye of Osiris™, a real Vision Valley™, which will be the birthplace of many new technological, innovative and commercial industries.

We will not only encourage that major European and World Corporations and Universities to join us by establishing their European technological, commercial or educational base with us but we also intend to facilitate, finance, assist in many small or even "cottage" type companies to create and develop their inventions, products and services.

We will search and find solutions and viability of these projects, from arranging to be their partners to assisting them and financing them, to manufacturing and commercializing their products and services.

Depending on the viability and due diligence of each presented Project and the needs of the persons or groups who wish to develop these Projects, “Technokontrol”, will search and find solutions and viability of these projects from arranging, to be their Partners to assisting them and financing them to manufacturing and commercializing their products and services.

We have many years experience in the patents, trademarks industries, and with our resources, expertise and technical, manufacturing and commercial teams we can really assist these small startup companies to make their dreams come true.

We will be able to offer them financial assistance with the investment of financial seeding funds to arranging laboratory, warehouse, accommodation, manufacturing, logistical, marketing and legal assistance.

Eye of Osiris™ concept art

Our idea is to work under a "Team Bases", to which the better and easier for them the same will apply for us. There are many excellent ideas or innovations, which are created daily and never see the daylight due to the basic problems of not finding the right people to listen and to understand these future innovations and inventions.

We wish to be able to at least give our professional opinion regarding these new projects and offer a realistic viability strategy to these innovative people or groups who work endlessly and enduringly for years without in the majority of cases any assistance than their own dreams.

Once the project has become a reality, we will assist them in finding growth funding to reach the next level.

Once the project has become true and a reality we will then assist them in finding growth funding to reach the next level by means of searching alternative funding as capital venture, hedge funds or even listing in alternative small or medium cap markets from London to the Madrid MAB stock market option.

As Vision Valley™ will be located in a prime location with full technological, environmentally friendly and self-reliant infrastructures, we know that all projects will be produced, manufactured and distributed from this location thus allowing us to reduce costs and allowing greater family and social quality time due to the reduction of commuter travel.

The surroundings and living standards for associates, partners, employees and their families will be of high quality and of great environment and leisure value. Excellent schooling in various languages will be standard and our own private medical care program, which will cover all personnel and associates.

The Vision Valley™ is the vision and the future of the Eye of Osiris™, the place where dreams come true!

Eye of Osiris™ concept art

Research & Development

We at Technokontol work to adapt and apply our tecnological advances in very different projects, from the "Eye of Osiris Project" which is presently being designed for new emerging nations at government-private sector level to private sector buildings as the Hamidou Project in Argelia. We also cater for many different fields which include energy,aerospace, Health & Safety, Prevention,transport,etc. However, just as importantly we also design technlogy for businessses and industries which include food production plants, seed oil refinery plants,milk-meat plants,etc.

Eye of Osiris Project - Military Bunker Version

Current Projects

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TechnoKontrol: 1st in Spain for own Technology patents 2013 & 2014

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